The product reviewed on this post is a Trail Running jacket developed by Gore Tex featuring the AIR VANTAGE technology.

“WL GORE & Associates, leader in breathable waterproof membranes for 25 years, has developed this principle to develop an air chamber construction fully integrated in the garments.
An integrated valve on the collar allows the runner to inflate or deflate the jacket depending his/her insulation needs. It’s really easy: the more air you put in the warmer you feel. If you are too warm, you just have to let the air out by means of a little button, similar to the sleeping pads.
The Gore Tex membrane air chamber system is built on a way the air can circulate like in a labyrinth, allowing the jacket to remain breathable as the outer fabric being chosen for its breathability property.”


First being developed for winter sports and casual clothes, Gore Running Wear is taking over this AIR VANTAGE concept to apply it on a Trail Running oriented jacket. I got the chance to try out this jacket during the TransRockies Run and... it works !!! In addition to its slim fit which allows a lot of movement, the air insulation system is very efficient and I truly appreciated having such a warm jacket for the early frozen mornings and cilly nights around the campfire.
"Good things come in little package" I didn't see any best way to illustrate my last comment than with this expression considering how few space this jacket actualy takes.

So I would definitely recommend this Gore Tex AIR VANTAGE Jacket to those who won't compromise between performance, comfort and lightness.

Please let us know your comments if you have anything to add on that one.

The Goat


2008| The Trail Running, by Martin GAFFURI