Stage 3

Dear Reader,

We had a hard time to get internet connection, so my apologizes for the late posting.

Discussing with Bryon - yeah we don't only run together, we also share a lot! - I simply found out that he was doing an amazing job with his posts and there is no reason for me any more to post news in english as I simply can't do better !

So for the english version, please refer directly to his blog.

Additionally, you'll get the chance to check out at the great pictures he's taking during the race.

Enjoy the reading,

The Goat

Stage 2 - Feedback

Dear reader,

This morning we had a 30 minutes ride with some school buses - which is kinda cool for a French man! - to get to the start of this second stage, another short stage. With about 14k with a steep climb up to more than 4000m and then a long descent down to Twin Lakes, this was actually the shortest stage of the all race and the leaders cleared it in less than 1h30. The weather was really good and despite the altitude, everyone was wearing shorts and T-shirts. As we all know that the weather in the mountains can get bad in no time and I was glad that we all had to carry with us mandatory gear (Rain jacket and pants, hat, gloves and a one survival blanket for the team) as I certainly didn't want to experience again the tragedy that happened at the Zugspitz Extrem Berglauf.

As expected, team Saab Salomon hold the win thanks to a very skilled downhill section. Team Nike with Eric Skaggs finished second getting first to the top of the pass but not being able to follow up with the Salomon flying brits on the downhill ! Team Running Times (Adam Chase et Michelle Barton) have also run a good stage taking the second place clearing the stage in a bit more than 2h.

Team Wings Of Glory:
We did well ! Bryon was setting a nice and steady pace all the way up, fast enough to catch up with few teams and slow enough to get us to the top fresh for the downhill. We surely took the best out this 6k technical downhill, hell yeah! The last 3ks were almost flat and crossing over creeks, that was definitely a more enjoyable stage than the first one.

Now we have plenty of time to chillax, get massage and take a nap. Once again great wok by the Gore tex and Salomon squads setting up all the camp and tents to welcome us and get us some lunch. The camp in Leadville is the same as last year and I have to say it irreparably brings back some good memories...

Here are the podium of all the categories for Stage 2:

Open Men

Open Women

Co ed

No picture :-(
80+ women

80+ men

More infos on:
GORE TEX TransRockie Run 2008
Bryon's blog

In French : Kairn

The Goat

Stage 1 - Feedback

Dear Reader,

Here are fresh comment about stage 1:

This was even flatter than expected and quite a lot of road portions but this will be the only stage so now it's done and behind,thank God !

This stage was quite rewarding for the Salomon squad as Team Salomon (R. PADILLA and S. GALL) won and Team Saab Salomon (Andy and Tom) hold the third position - both in Men catagory - even though this flat stage wasn't definitely Andy's and Tom's speciality so we can espect some even better results for the coming stages as they shall be more elevation gain and loss.

The Salomon upport crew is doing hell of a job providing the runners with a massive tent, sits and foods between the time we cleared the stage and have dinner. The atmosphere is just like last year, and it feels good to have this kind of nice chats with all kind of runners from the beginner to the most experienced one. You find yourself discussing the race with a guy and you find out he qualified for the Olympics... amazing !

Team Wings Of Glory:

I have to say... I didn't change much from last year, I once again screwed up that very first stage !

Last year that were cramps, this year I was feeling sick and had some digesting problems. Bryon did an awesome job to keep me motivated and leveling up my moral and... taking pictures of me struggeling ! I ended up literally throwing up on the finish line, sick ! So this wasn't the best stage at all for us... but we are hoping to do better in the mountain, feeling more familiar on this playground.

I have sore legs but motivation is here and I am eager to start tomorrow, as you can see on (link to STAGE 2) this short stage will has a insane steep ascent and then about 7k of downhill which is definitely going to be good for us. SO I'll just get a good night os sleep and be ready for Stage 2 !

To thoses who are on Facebook, I created an open group caled "Gore Tex TransRockies Run" - how original is that! - so everyone can join and upload their pictures and impressions, personnal feelings about the race for those who would be interested in doing it next year.
The aim of this group is definitely to allow people to keep the spirit and mementum going even after the race despite the fact that we will be all spread out back to our homes.

Here are the podium of all the categories for Stage 1:

Open Men:
Video to come.

Open Women:

Co ed:

80+ women:

80+ men:

Sorry about the missing video but the connection is not that good and it takes too long, I'm tired and feel like I have to go to bed.

The Goat.

More Pictures:
Gore Tex TransRockies Run Stage 1

More info on: GORE TEX TransRockie Run 2008
In french : Kairn

D-1 before start

Dear Reader,

Today, D-1 before race starts.

Trail Running HouseAdam, Bryon and I have just left Boulder this morning. We have picked up the rest of the Salomon guys on the way and the 9 of us headed to Buena Vista Team Saab Salomon, the two teams Salomon, team Wings Of Glory (ourselves) and Adam from Team Running Times as Michelle his team partner was already there. Even though I have a decent trail running level, I definitely feel like a kid around all these world class athletes !

Once there we definitely got the chance to taste this palatable atmosphere that comes out of the Trail Running community.

All the runners gathered with people from the organization for Jenn Lutz TransRockies Run the registration paperwork and later on for the briefing truly kicked off this week of running.
It was really good to get to talk to all the Salomon folks and see how they’ve been since the last competition (i.e Jon Brown, a freaking fast adventure racer from Team Salomon Crestedbutte).

Salomon TransRockies Run
Many people from last year came back - which is a good sign - and the spirit has remained the same and we already know that this will once again be a great living experience.

Tonight we had a nice BBQ after the briefing but guess what, the rain started and in no time it was literally pissing buckets… Good for Gore Tex though !

Afterwards we went to the camp where all the tents had been set up and finally went to the hotel where we media people were lucky enough to stay ;-).
All right, time to pack all the stuff for tomorrow and get some sleep.

Talk to you tomorrow
The Goat

Dear Reader,

According to plans, I'll be running the Gore Tex TransRockies Run 2008 that will kick off on monday 25th.
Winner of the 2007 edition in mixt category, Adam Chase who put me in contact with both my partners of last year and this year, kindly invited Bryon and I to stay over at his place the week before the race.

Let me think about it for a sec': spend a week with Adam and his professional tri athletes housemates, get to know my team mate and discuss strategy while running in the mountains or staying home on my own...

Well I was on the plain on the 18th of August direction Denver and staying since then in Boulder, Colorado.

I didn't wait for the jet lag to be completely over and went for two runs with Bryon already. Such a great feeling to get back to mother Nature, with its mountains technical trails but also the lack of air that reminded me in not time that I was higher than used to be and definitely should NOT get too excited !

Martin GAFFURI Trail Running Martin GAFFURI Trail Running

So after those runs, some mexican food, discussion about blogging and running I am glad to tell you that Bryon and I get along very well and are already eager to run hard !

Stay tuned for the next update and in the meantime, Jog on !
The Goat

Daily reports

Dear Runner,

As one of the lucky participant of the second edition of the Gore Tex TransRockies. I will be covering the race withing Trail Running French magazines. Therefore I will have to opportunity to have access to the Internet during the race and post some news about the stage, weather, ranking and runners impression.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or add comments to my posts if you want to get news from friends or family during the race. I can not promize I'll be able to send news from everyone but I'll do y best to transmit your messages.

Stay tuned,
The Goat

TRR 08 - Stage 1

From Buena Vista to Clear Creek

This very first day will be fast, smoking fast... Less that 22k which means that the first runners will cross the finish line in less that 1h45 considering the small elevation gain added to the fact that we won't have to carry any backpack - the mandatory equipment will be required from stage 2.

According to different goals and strategies, some will take this stage as a warm up run kick off nicely the Gore Tex TransRockies Run, while other will simply start the fight for the win...
For the followers, the main objective will be to stay focus and not get too excited
This will be about to try and keep up with the lead without burning out in the first stage...
I know what I am talking about, as this is exactly what happened to me last year during the first edition of the Gore Tex TransRockies Run, I got terrible cramps and crossed the finish line almost in a state of hypoglycaemia, just because of a pace to high for me… A pretty efficient way to get into the race condition that clearly reminded me that I was here not for 1, not for two but for 5 days! – 6 this year. Therefore, to be part of the ones who will be lucky enough to have this unique feeling of true accomplishment while crossing the finish line after 6 days of race, strategy with a bit of wisdom is recommended…

More info on: GORE TEX TransRockie Run 2008
In french : Kairn

The Goat

TRR08 - Stage 2

From Clear Creek to Twin Lakes (shuttle transfer Leadville)

Comments :
760m in 3,2k… it's definitely getting interesting ! As a matter of fact, we will understand with this second stage what trail running is all about even though we will still miss the distance to have all the elements that make the Gore Tex TransRockies Run such a unique race.

Despite the elevation gain, with only 16k and almost fresh legs, this second stage should once again be fast. The slower pace uphill should be compensated by the fastest one downhill and enable the leaders to clear this stage in less than 1hour45 with good weather condition.

The altitude will also be a critical factor for those like me who are not lucky enough to live in the mountains and are not used to this lack of oxygen… But I guess this is the price to pay for running across the Rockies of Colorado over 9203 feet, and honestly this is still fairly cheap!

More info on: GORE TEX TransRockie Run 2008
In french : Kairn

The Goat

TRR08 - Stage 3

From Leadville to Camp Hale

Well now we are there, no kidding ! Even though the elevation gain is not that tremendous considering the distance we will have to run, compare to our French Alps, those 39K will for sure start to do some damage on our bodies, making some of us wonder what they are doing here !

We will have to be careful as this is most likely during the third day the runners can get injured:
1st Day : Effort
2nd Day : Overcompensating
3rd Day : TIREDNESS and potential injury if not careful !

On the other hand, long distance rhymes with more time spent on the trails... thus this stage will be the opportunity to fully enjoy the wonderful views and landscapes of the Rockies, Colorado.

More info on: GORE TEX TransRockie Run 2008
In french : Kairn

The Goat

TRR 08 - Stage 4

From Camp Hale to Red Cliff

At the starting line, we will be half the way in racing days and we'll have gone through 77km and 2070m elevation gain...not so much more that the Templier race
(70k and 3000m elevation gain) in three days, can't complain !
Back to a short distance stage with a profile quite similar to stage 2, but with a slower pace (?), considering the milage already ran and with legs getting heavier and heavier.

More info on: GORE TEX TransRockie Run 2008
In french : Kairn

The Goat

TRR 08 - Stage 5

From Red Cliff to Vail

No doubts this is going to be the hardest stage of the entire Gore Tex TransRockies Run 08. It's basically the other way around one of the last year stages, and I can already tel you that this is wil be absolutely gorgeous!
Special announcement to the technical singl track lovers, you'll be about to reach the Nirvana between mile 9 and 13... hell yeah !

More info on: GORE TEX TransRockie Run 2008
In french : Kairn

The Goat

TRR 08 - Stage 6

From Vail to Beaver Creek

And here we are, getting used to a nice and steady daily run, to sharing good times with the runner's community that has become a great family and finally to coping with the altitude, it's already the last stage...

Last but not least, this final stage will have the highest elevation gain relatively to the ground distance ran. Hell yeah, the inclines will definitely bring some pain to our tired legs but don't worry 'cause at that stage, the pain will alreday be there anyway !

As obviously noticed the previous night, Vail offers splendid view and nice single tracks but wait for the last portion that will lead us down to the finish line in, it's gonna be LEGEN... wait for it... DARY !!!!

To tease you and definitely give you the will to get to the end, check out below the video I took from the Starting area (finishing this year):

More info on: GORE TEX TransRockie Run 2008
In french : Kairn

Be there !
The Goat

Dear Reader,

The first product I have chosen for the "equipment" category is the TIMEZONE Travel Kit developed by Gore Running Wear.

Gore Tex Timezone Travel Kit

This kit is made of a tiny hand bag containing (Trail) Running apparel that you can adapt according to the weather conditions. Therefore, thanks to extra pieces inspired from arms and legs warmers in cyclism, the runner can have the right apparel for his run without having to carry his entire closed...

This kit is not rocket science but it size and and adjustable apparel pieces make this Travel Kit a very interesting tool for the runner traveler. We had to think about it and Gore Running Wear did it very well.

I haven't tried it so far but as soon as I have more, I'll let you know.

The Goat

The category "Equipment"

Dear reader,

This category will allow us to share about the latest Trail Running apparel, footwear, gear and accessories, or simply the one we like and would like to tell people about.

I will write down some posts about products that to me deserve a highlight and which could be useful to other Trail Runners. Ideally, if you have heard about it, tried it or know where to get those, please do not hesitate to post additional comments.
You can also write to me to propose a product that you like and I'll collect as much info I have on it and make a new post out of it.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, jog on !

The Goat

A passion came true

« I cross the finish line, walk few meters and lay down on my back : Here I am, I went through it till the end, I said to myself, I did it.

Few seconds pass by, I try in vain to stand up, my legs can’t carry me any more. I realize that this is only thanks to my mental strength and the psychological help of my team mate Glen Redpath that I could achieve this final stage.
I look up to the sky and try to step back to think about what I have just accomplished.

Glen comes to me, smiles and pulls me up. I weakly stagger to reach a bench and sit there.

The runners arrive, in teams of two, some yell their joy, other hold their kids who came with drawings celebrating their parents’ effort and few even cry of happiness.

I try to step back and clear my mind but I can hardly think at the moment. One by one, all the stages of the race come to my mind, I picture myself running through the landscapes and having good times with the other runners and people of the organisation at the several camps but I also remember the doubts and the moments of physical pain I had to undergo at some points.

After few minutes, I hear my name, Glen comes and pick me up. We are gathered by the speaker for the podium.
Hands in hands, the six of us rise our arms in the air and I finally realize that at the age of 22, I have just finished 3rd of an international Trail Running race in Colorado, and that all those sacrifices and hours of training are finally paying off... what a reward. »

Aspen, 20th of September 2007, we are in the finishing area of the first edition of the GORE TEX TransRockies Run , a 5 days stage race of 167km race across the Rockies, Colorado.

The Goat


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