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Dear reader,

This morning we had a 30 minutes ride with some school buses - which is kinda cool for a French man! - to get to the start of this second stage, another short stage. With about 14k with a steep climb up to more than 4000m and then a long descent down to Twin Lakes, this was actually the shortest stage of the all race and the leaders cleared it in less than 1h30. The weather was really good and despite the altitude, everyone was wearing shorts and T-shirts. As we all know that the weather in the mountains can get bad in no time and I was glad that we all had to carry with us mandatory gear (Rain jacket and pants, hat, gloves and a one survival blanket for the team) as I certainly didn't want to experience again the tragedy that happened at the Zugspitz Extrem Berglauf.

As expected, team Saab Salomon hold the win thanks to a very skilled downhill section. Team Nike with Eric Skaggs finished second getting first to the top of the pass but not being able to follow up with the Salomon flying brits on the downhill ! Team Running Times (Adam Chase et Michelle Barton) have also run a good stage taking the second place clearing the stage in a bit more than 2h.

Team Wings Of Glory:
We did well ! Bryon was setting a nice and steady pace all the way up, fast enough to catch up with few teams and slow enough to get us to the top fresh for the downhill. We surely took the best out this 6k technical downhill, hell yeah! The last 3ks were almost flat and crossing over creeks, that was definitely a more enjoyable stage than the first one.

Now we have plenty of time to chillax, get massage and take a nap. Once again great wok by the Gore tex and Salomon squads setting up all the camp and tents to welcome us and get us some lunch. The camp in Leadville is the same as last year and I have to say it irreparably brings back some good memories...

Here are the podium of all the categories for Stage 2:

Open Men

Open Women

Co ed

No picture :-(
80+ women

80+ men

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