Stage 1 - Feedback

Dear Reader,

Here are fresh comment about stage 1:

This was even flatter than expected and quite a lot of road portions but this will be the only stage so now it's done and behind,thank God !

This stage was quite rewarding for the Salomon squad as Team Salomon (R. PADILLA and S. GALL) won and Team Saab Salomon (Andy and Tom) hold the third position - both in Men catagory - even though this flat stage wasn't definitely Andy's and Tom's speciality so we can espect some even better results for the coming stages as they shall be more elevation gain and loss.

The Salomon upport crew is doing hell of a job providing the runners with a massive tent, sits and foods between the time we cleared the stage and have dinner. The atmosphere is just like last year, and it feels good to have this kind of nice chats with all kind of runners from the beginner to the most experienced one. You find yourself discussing the race with a guy and you find out he qualified for the Olympics... amazing !

Team Wings Of Glory:

I have to say... I didn't change much from last year, I once again screwed up that very first stage !

Last year that were cramps, this year I was feeling sick and had some digesting problems. Bryon did an awesome job to keep me motivated and leveling up my moral and... taking pictures of me struggeling ! I ended up literally throwing up on the finish line, sick ! So this wasn't the best stage at all for us... but we are hoping to do better in the mountain, feeling more familiar on this playground.

I have sore legs but motivation is here and I am eager to start tomorrow, as you can see on (link to STAGE 2) this short stage will has a insane steep ascent and then about 7k of downhill which is definitely going to be good for us. SO I'll just get a good night os sleep and be ready for Stage 2 !

To thoses who are on Facebook, I created an open group caled "Gore Tex TransRockies Run" - how original is that! - so everyone can join and upload their pictures and impressions, personnal feelings about the race for those who would be interested in doing it next year.
The aim of this group is definitely to allow people to keep the spirit and mementum going even after the race despite the fact that we will be all spread out back to our homes.

Here are the podium of all the categories for Stage 1:

Open Men:
Video to come.

Open Women:

Co ed:

80+ women:

80+ men:

Sorry about the missing video but the connection is not that good and it takes too long, I'm tired and feel like I have to go to bed.

The Goat.

More Pictures:
Gore Tex TransRockies Run Stage 1

More info on: GORE TEX TransRockie Run 2008
In french : Kairn


  1. Wendy said...

    Hi Martin - Could not find the English version of your blog. However the word "vomir" has almost universal translation and from what I gather you had some unexpected stomach difficulties yesterday. Ah, altitude racing! I remember that kind of day well from last year...good for you for hanging in tough.

    Here's to wish Stage 2 fares better for you and Bryon. Lots of climbing and descending---which is very good thing for two Goats.

    Best to Wings of Glory!

    PS - In honor of TRR racers yesterday, I put in 12 miles on a hilly trail here in Portland. Today, perhaps some climbing--though not to 12,000 feet!  

  2. Martin Gaffuri / said...
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