GORE TEX - Timezone Travel Kit

Dear Reader,

The first product I have chosen for the "equipment" category is the TIMEZONE Travel Kit developed by Gore Running Wear.

Gore Tex Timezone Travel Kit

This kit is made of a tiny hand bag containing (Trail) Running apparel that you can adapt according to the weather conditions. Therefore, thanks to extra pieces inspired from arms and legs warmers in cyclism, the runner can have the right apparel for his run without having to carry his entire closed...

This kit is not rocket science but it size and and adjustable apparel pieces make this Travel Kit a very interesting tool for the runner traveler. We had to think about it and Gore Running Wear did it very well.

I haven't tried it so far but as soon as I have more, I'll let you know.

The Goat


  1. Trail Goat said...

    The Goat,
    It's awesome to see your website up and running, as it were. It looks great!

    As for the Gore Time Zone, I'll be sure to ask about it at the Outdoor Retailer Show this weekend. I just set up an appointment to meet with the folks at Gore.

    -A Different Goat  

  2. Martin Gaffuri / Trail-Running.fr said...


    Lucky you to go to this Trade Show, it's always good to see what is going on there and get the chance to meet all the people from the outdoor industry.

    I actually found out about this TIMEZONE Travel Kit at the OutDoor Tradeshow in Friedrichshafen, Germany...

    I don't know who you'll meet from GTX but if you get the chance to see Cynthia AMON, please sent her my greetings. She was at the TRR last year and will probably be there with us again this year.


  3. Trail Goat said...

    I'm meeting up with Cynthia! I'll send her your regards.
    -The Other Goat  


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