TRR08 - Stage 2

From Clear Creek to Twin Lakes (shuttle transfer Leadville)

Comments :
760m in 3,2k… it's definitely getting interesting ! As a matter of fact, we will understand with this second stage what trail running is all about even though we will still miss the distance to have all the elements that make the Gore Tex TransRockies Run such a unique race.

Despite the elevation gain, with only 16k and almost fresh legs, this second stage should once again be fast. The slower pace uphill should be compensated by the fastest one downhill and enable the leaders to clear this stage in less than 1hour45 with good weather condition.

The altitude will also be a critical factor for those like me who are not lucky enough to live in the mountains and are not used to this lack of oxygen… But I guess this is the price to pay for running across the Rockies of Colorado over 9203 feet, and honestly this is still fairly cheap!

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2008| The Trail Running, by Martin GAFFURI