D-1 before start

Dear Reader,

Today, D-1 before race starts.

Trail Running HouseAdam, Bryon and I have just left Boulder this morning. We have picked up the rest of the Salomon guys on the way and the 9 of us headed to Buena Vista Team Saab Salomon, the two teams Salomon, team Wings Of Glory (ourselves) and Adam from Team Running Times as Michelle his team partner was already there. Even though I have a decent trail running level, I definitely feel like a kid around all these world class athletes !

Once there we definitely got the chance to taste this palatable atmosphere that comes out of the Trail Running community.

All the runners gathered with people from the organization for Jenn Lutz TransRockies Run the registration paperwork and later on for the briefing truly kicked off this week of running.
It was really good to get to talk to all the Salomon folks and see how they’ve been since the last competition (i.e Jon Brown, a freaking fast adventure racer from Team Salomon Crestedbutte).

Salomon TransRockies Run
Many people from last year came back - which is a good sign - and the spirit has remained the same and we already know that this will once again be a great living experience.

Tonight we had a nice BBQ after the briefing but guess what, the rain started and in no time it was literally pissing buckets… Good for Gore Tex though !

Afterwards we went to the camp where all the tents had been set up and finally went to the hotel where we media people were lucky enough to stay ;-).
All right, time to pack all the stuff for tomorrow and get some sleep.

Talk to you tomorrow
The Goat



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