Week 25

Monday: 45’ of indoor biking.
As I went for a run yesterday and I said to myself that I wouldn’t run twice in a row, then I was up to get on the bike, but ne real motivation I have to say; specially indoor.
But I am glad I did it and that was a nice and smooth kick off for my first week of regular training for 3 weeks.

Tuesday: 50’ on trails.
I was feeling like a million bucks, like seriously flying!! I think this due to being in the woods and finally get back to Mother Nature. But I am happy to realize that I was wise enough to slow myself down and not getting too excited. It’s amazing how an injury can make you think and pay more attention to yourselve and better listen to your body.
As most of us, I am addicted to my running and being injured is the worst thing that can happen to me. I experienced this once and that’s enough for this year!

Wednesday: Treadmills uphill session, 10’ warm up, 30’ uphill (7km/h, 12%), 10’ cool down.
I definitely don’t like these sessions as their remind me how much I miss the mountains but there is nothing like a nice and steady uphill session to remind you that even though you feel your in a good shape on flat runs, you’re worth ridiculously nothing when the gradient increases !

Thursday: track session 3 times (5’ on a dirt path around the track at 80” for 400 pace + 3x400m in 70” with 60” recovery between each)
This session has been planned today and I knew it would be tough as I did me uphill session yesterday… It’ was freaking hard, indeed…
My calf were hurting me pretty badly and I didn’t do the last 3x400 as I didn’t want to push myself too hard still having in mind my past injury.
I am still happy I went almost to the end.

Friday: Recovering run
Went for 50’ after work. I didn’t really enjoy it but I “had to” do it to get rid of this lactic acid stucked onto my legs…

Week end : off running. Party time and I went for a “dancing marathon” on Saturday night… pretty tough, especially when energy drink has been replaced by beer and fruits by “bradwurst” (local sausages) and “kartofelsalat” (cold potatoes salad).



2008| The Trail Running, by Martin GAFFURI