Week 30

Monday: Off.
Too busy at work to do anything.

Tuesday: Off.
I felt pretty tired and undergo a lack of sleep. I’ll try no to go out at all for a bit…

Wednesday: hill session: 40’ on the treadmills at 8km/h and 13%
I went through it well and didn’t feel so much pain. I trained with Ed, who will come with me at the German championship of mountain running this week end.
I also restarted to do some core workout, that I’ll try to keep going everyday.

Thursday: Fast trail run. 50’
I was running with Ed and a girl from UK, Felicity MILTON who’s aiming to go to the London Olympic Games in 2012… Even though Tail running isn’t her stuff, she was doing well on the trail loop and she was litteraly flying during the 15’ on the way there and the15’ on the way back while I was absolutely dying! That reminds me that I have to keep working on my raw speed.

Friday: Tempo run; 12k in 42’
I was on my own for the run and joined two guys from adidas… well I had a recovering jogg planned and ended up hammering on a tempo session ! When I said I had to work on my raw speed, I wasn’t actually thinking that early…

Week end: German championship of mountain running (see report in Race Report)



2008| The Trail Running, by Martin GAFFURI