Week 26

Monday: Off
Didn’t get the chance to go running, too busy at work as I went on business trip to Berlin to meet some badminton players so I can’t really complain… it’s not as if I had to stay in an office bothered by my tie !

Tuesday: Hill session. 20’ warm up, 10 times 1’ on a road very steep at the beginning and progressively getting flat with the last 30 meters around 6%, 20 minutes recovering jog back to the office.
I felt pretty good. I am starting to feel the effect of my hill sessions on the treadmills, thank God, these frustrating indoor session are finally paying off !

After work: 50 minutes run, nice and easy to try and recover a bit more from the hill session. My calves are quite hard still and I’m hoping better feeling waking tomorrow morning.

Wednesday: Off.
That was planned. Doing double yesterday, I knew that I could afford a day off then. Pretty enjoyable I have to say !

Thursday: easy 60’ trail run.
Still heavy from the hill session but my legs were feeling better though. No more pain in the calves.

Friday: Weekly track session. 3 times (3x3minutes) at 80” per 400 pace with one minute recovering, and 5 minutes between the 3 times).
Tough session but I wasn’t feeling too bad and went through it with not so much pain. We had the wind against us during half the track loop but it didn’t bother too much. We speeded up on the final one to reach 1k but I couldn’t follow the guys, legs too hard and I was pissed that I was getting burned between my legs because of this stupid “marathon running” shorts! Nothing compares trail running shorts, that’s for sure.

Week end : One day and a half in the mountains, 5hours trekking

What an awesome week end ! I went with three friends from adidas: Ed, Sam and Courtney in Ehrwald for a night in the tents and a long day of hiking on Sunday. It's located at the Austrian border close to the very famous ski resord Garmish Partenkirschen .

After a 20 minutes walk up, we definitely found the best spot to set the tents and took some time to step back an realize how good it feels to be surrounded by mountains. The pleasure reached its peak when we had our dinner with local cheese and dried meet with paté and red wine, palatable!
We had the visit of a baby fox that night, apparently french as he went strait on the most smelly and creamy cheese we had !
We woke up had a quick bath in the creek near by and were up for the walk.
That was “proper brilliant man”.



2008| The Trail Running, by Martin GAFFURI