TRR 08 - Stage 1

From Buena Vista to Clear Creek

This very first day will be fast, smoking fast... Less that 22k which means that the first runners will cross the finish line in less that 1h45 considering the small elevation gain added to the fact that we won't have to carry any backpack - the mandatory equipment will be required from stage 2.

According to different goals and strategies, some will take this stage as a warm up run kick off nicely the Gore Tex TransRockies Run, while other will simply start the fight for the win...
For the followers, the main objective will be to stay focus and not get too excited
This will be about to try and keep up with the lead without burning out in the first stage...
I know what I am talking about, as this is exactly what happened to me last year during the first edition of the Gore Tex TransRockies Run, I got terrible cramps and crossed the finish line almost in a state of hypoglycaemia, just because of a pace to high for me… A pretty efficient way to get into the race condition that clearly reminded me that I was here not for 1, not for two but for 5 days! – 6 this year. Therefore, to be part of the ones who will be lucky enough to have this unique feeling of true accomplishment while crossing the finish line after 6 days of race, strategy with a bit of wisdom is recommended…

More info on: GORE TEX TransRockie Run 2008
In french : Kairn

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